About us:

We provide a free service to stream your media via many storage providers. Now we support Google Drive, Google Photo and OneDrive, including in OneDrive for Bussines. As you know, the maintaince is more expensive so please donate if you like our service.

Do you have any questions:
  1. We have some sample links for you
    • Google Drive: We suport all link sharable from Google Drive :)
    • OneDrive: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AgEAvtK51yhyiNRwj2knmLnq5FK7ug
    • OneDrive For Bussiness: For some security, please contact us for detail
    • Google Photo: Please contact us for detail
  2. We support video's poster (thumbnail) on our service. But if you want your custom one, you can add "&poster=url_to_your_poster" after your embed link above.
  3. We support to attach you subtitle by add suffix "&sub=url_to_your_sub" after your embed link above.
  4. So on, please contact us if any.